We needed to get our product out there!

‘iBoards’ is a start up company in NSW who needed to create awareness of their products to industry partners. A complete B2B digital solution was required. iBoards enlisted the help of Web Noise a company specialising in all elements of digital marketing.

Web Noise developed a digital strategy which included creation of a website, Facebook page , blogging and video content.

The owners of ‘iBoard’ wanted the website to serve as a digital brochure expanding on the technical aspects of why their product is a better choice than overseas replicas.

The website featured professional images of the product, very specific technical data, video of the production and attributes of iBoards. Video testimonials from delighted customers and a video specific to each product they manufacture. A specific page was created to list all of the contacts across Australia where the product can be purchased.

Video has proven to be very critical to the awareness and sales of the iBoards product. Coupled with a Facebook page where testimonials, video content and success stories are shared the digital strategy is complimenting the sales team on the ground.