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Transforming the customer experience – ideas for the travel industry from outside the travel industry

06 October

This article is from toonz and is an interesting read if you are a business in the travel undustry…

It is an open secret that players across the travel industry are looking to emulate the leaders of online retail, as customers start to expect the same level of personalization and service sophistication from every transaction, regardless of industry.

2016 is set to be the year of the digital wallet. The introduction of Apple Pay in July 2015 saw a staggering 250,000 UK retailers on board on launch day. These are early days of course, for the ‘tap and pay’ model but payment limits will be lifted in the near future and this will create unique opportunities as we move towards the cashless (or at least a low-cash) economy.

This trend is not just a fantasy of card and payment processors – you can see it in action in Norway, which is already largely a cashless society. Tourists can pay for their airport bus fares, accommodation, meals, admission fees and even a coffee from a convenience store with a credit card or mobile wallets – you can do an entire trip without once incurring forex transaction fees or cash withdrawal charges. Read full article