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Google Adwords Campaigns Will Soon Be Switching

18 July

On July 22nd Google will automatically send their Adwords customers to their new Enhanced Campaigns model.

According to Google, the new enhanced campaign features will bring a number of useful additions to advertiser accounts, including:

Multi-Device Marketing. This is probably the biggest new feature in that advertisers will be able to track conversion performance across multiple devices. A click on a mobile ad leading to a sale on the desktop will be able to be credited back to the mobile click (assuming the visitor is logged in to Google on both devices). Such cross-platform support will be available for combinations of mobile, tablet and desktop.

Better Measurement. Advances in analytics will allow for better segmentation and multi-device marketing tracking.
For first timers…there’s a free online course from Google …check it out, we recommend if you are thinking of an Adwords Campaign and haven’t done one before then this is for you or contact us at Web Noise